The Crown You Never Take OFF

Invest in your most priced possession, by researching the best herbs, not chemicals to bring out the BEST in your crown and beauty.

I tell my clients, I treat my hair like a Science project, I experiment with herbs and oils to get the best and perfect out of it, then I am able to help them likewise achieve their hair goals. I see EACH hair strand as a gift from the creator, that needs delicate care.

In short, your hair is the crown you NEVER take off, OWN IT, LOVE IT and ENJOY IT to the fullest. Unleash the potential of your hair.

Laura Lyseight.


Never Give Up

Never give up in your pursuit of the natural beautiful hair that you desire.

Ask for wisdom from your creator in the care of the natural beautiful hair that He has given you.

Nobody said it is going to be easy, but keep on and be open minded – the answers will come in.

.africa in my hair teen with curly hair