5 Hair Quotes

  • I am a Queen, crowned in my curls, coils and kinks – my afro.
  • Natural is where it all began, we don’t GO natural; we RETURN.
  • I don’t conform to society’s standard, I define it, with my curls, coils and kinks.
  • Don’t remove the kinks, from your hair, remove it from your mind and heart.

Laura Lyseight.

Unleash the TRUE potential of your hair.


Never Give Up On Your Hair Dreams & Goals In 2017

Nobody can stop you from reaching your desired hair length, but you. Cut down on your sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, as the sugars from these are best for your hair growth and your overall health. Stay away from processed foods (junk foods) or cut back gradually.

Funny how, a healthier head of hair, indicates a healthier you.

Redefine your Natural hair goals this 2017, you might just reach it.

Your hair says more about you than you think. Remember, its the crown you never take off.