5 Hair Quotes

  • I am a Queen, crowned in my curls, coils and kinks – my afro.
  • Natural is where it all began, we don’t GO natural; we RETURN.
  • I don’t conform to society’s standard, I define it, with my curls, coils and kinks.
  • Don’t remove the kinks, from your hair, remove it from your mind and heart.

Laura Lyseight.

Unleash the TRUE potential of your hair.


Stop limiting the potential OF YOUR HAIR

What limiting beliefs do you have concerning your hair?

Is it that you have so little faith  in the health, length and strength of your hair because you have personally abused it with all manner of hair products?

Look at how the weeds sprout with ease, the birds flock together, bacteria multiples rapidly and understand one thing that your hair has been endowed with the same ability and potential.

Now, if we are on the same page, then let us take better care of our hair and ditch all the hair spoilers.

Laura Lyseight – Unleash The Potential Of Your Hair.

Our Hair Loves Water

Just as your body needs water inorder to stay hydrated, your hair also thirsts for this all essential liquid. Water does miracles for the hair, as each strand of hair  contains a certain amount of water.

The hair grows from within and protrudes outwards, the more reason why we should be hydrated if we want the healthy, glossy, shiny look – it starts from within.

Spraying water onto your hair ensures it stays moisturised, not excluding oiling of the scalp and the ends of the hair. Whatever  hair style you may be spotting (Obviously not  permed hair), ensure you are spraying some living water unto it, yes you heard me right, not some hair products.

The very nature of our hair, our beautiful afro-textured hair is such that it thrives and grows well when nourished with water, otherwise it starts going all brittle, dull, lifeless and ends up falling out. Hope this has explained why you are wondering why your hair never grows long.This scenario is what we all want to avoid as we are trying to naturally grow our tresses. Poor tresses which have been long abused and neglected. Yes insulted even for not towing to what has been portrayed to us. It is surprising they all did not decide to go on holidays and live us alone since our lack of knowledge of our own precious hair has made others very rich.

Your hair is an extention of what is happening on the inside of you. Drink water, and even more so pay close attention to retaining moiture in your wonderful, versatile, glorious crown of glory.

Believe me, your and my  hair has inert ability to grow beyond our wildest dreams, let’s show the world what God has blessed us with.

Your Hair Stronger Than You Know

“Why is my hair breaking, dry and brittle. I have tried every new product under the sun and yet it only works for a little while .”

Dear sister you need not look any further to all those chemicals parading on the shop fronts telling you how they can make your hair shiny and glossy or even grow longer. Your hair has this natural ability already built in. The sad news is most of our hairs have been stripped of this natural ability after years and years of abuse with, name it yourself. These chemicals surely do one thing, and that is to destroy the very essence of your beauty. Do not be deceived by those seemingly glossy, shiny and lustrous looks you see in magazines. All that spray and polishing are detrimental. Most of the hair line products have only been designed to drain your purse.


Natural is always the key to the true beauty of a woman. Learn how to bring out the best in your hair, yes I mean the best with no shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair sprays, relaxers and the whole lot. The earlier you wake up, the better you will be able to grow your strong, beautiful and lustrous crown of glory.

Discover the true beauty that lies buried in each strand of  your hair.