The Crown You Never Take OFF

Invest in your most priced possession, by researching the best herbs, not chemicals to bring out the BEST in your crown and beauty.

I tell my clients, I treat my hair like a Science project, I experiment with herbs and oils to get the best and perfect out of it, then I am able to help them likewise achieve their hair goals. I see EACH hair strand as a gift from the creator, that needs delicate care.

In short, your hair is the crown you NEVER take off, OWN IT, LOVE IT and ENJOY IT to the fullest. Unleash the potential of your hair.

Laura Lyseight.


Never Give Up On Your Hair Dreams & Goals In 2017

Nobody can stop you from reaching your desired hair length, but you. Cut down on your sugar intake, eat more fruits and vegetables, as the sugars from these are best for your hair growth and your overall health. Stay away from processed foods (junk foods) or cut back gradually.

Funny how, a healthier head of hair, indicates a healthier you.

Redefine your Natural hair goals this 2017, you might just reach it.

Your hair says more about you than you think. Remember, its the crown you never take off.


Your Hair Stronger Than You Know

“Why is my hair breaking, dry and brittle. I have tried every new product under the sun and yet it only works for a little while .”

Dear sister you need not look any further to all those chemicals parading on the shop fronts telling you how they can make your hair shiny and glossy or even grow longer. Your hair has this natural ability already built in. The sad news is most of our hairs have been stripped of this natural ability after years and years of abuse with, name it yourself. These chemicals surely do one thing, and that is to destroy the very essence of your beauty. Do not be deceived by those seemingly glossy, shiny and lustrous looks you see in magazines. All that spray and polishing are detrimental. Most of the hair line products have only been designed to drain your purse.


Natural is always the key to the true beauty of a woman. Learn how to bring out the best in your hair, yes I mean the best with no shampoos, conditioners, gels, hair sprays, relaxers and the whole lot. The earlier you wake up, the better you will be able to grow your strong, beautiful and lustrous crown of glory.

Discover the true beauty that lies buried in each strand of  your hair.